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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 1, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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storms had very heavy rain and because of the humidity. they're all out of here and to those beaches. watch out if making it a long memorial day weekend, they're heading in your direction and moved quickly, they were earlier than usual and over to true view we go. i want you to see towards pennsylvania on true view, that is the only thing that is still left a little bit of activity and that could still get here tonight and weel keep it in the forecast and the form of an isolated storm around 7:00 and just some clouds. this is not the only round of storms we're going have to chase this week. i will have those details coming up. >> see you in a bit. another big story, local protests over a deadly attack thousands of miles away. the rally at the white house is part of the international outrage over israel's seizure of a flotela. 9 killed, dozens more wounded. a former u.s. ambassador and
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chevy chase resident was on bord one of the ships and unaround the. and tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: we hope, yes -- >> for this retired ambassador edward peck, it's been a 24 hours he'll never forget. >> the commandos stepped from their boat to ours and there they were. here's a half a dozen armed and equipped israeli soldiers. >> reporter: the 81-year-old waso a greek ship, one of six in the flotilla, mostly of turkish ships he said was carrying humanitarian aid. once boarded, he said that passengers did what they were told. >> and here you are with the guys and the helmets and guns and all that stuff. so you do what they expect you to do. >> reporter: peck was taken into custody and brought into israel by the military and ironically, he said, then charged with illegally entering the country. the longtime critic of israel's treatment of the palestinians and fresh from the airport, peck joined a protest of
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israel's actions outside of the white house. >> whole protestors insist the flotilla had peaceful purposes, the supporters of israel are not sure. >> and if you believe that, you're incredibly naive. >> reporter: jameses the homeland security analyst said groups like hamas has have used humanitarian shipments in the past as a cover to smuggle arms into the region. >> there are lots of organizations that do this stuff. you can do it without funneling it. >> reporter: as for edward peck, he's glad to be home and disappointed he won't be able to complete what he describes is a mission of mercy. >> i reallies are not monsters and they their is a reason that they will do things that are kind of impossible and i was not afraid. no. >> reporter: ambassador peck returned home to chevy chase this morning.
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he and the other passengers had their cell phones taken away and kept from commune iticating with the other ships -- communicating with the ships. now he's harping the fullscope of what happened. >> tom fitzgerald, live for us. attorney general eric holder has opened a criminal investigation into the bp oil spill. so far, not specifics but a promise of extreme force. meanwhile, president obama is promising to find out what went wrong. >> we owe all those harmed and future generations a full and vigorous accounting of the event that led to the worst oil spill in u.s. history and only then can we be assured the deepwater drilling can take place safely. >> and there is a commissionle that examine the spill. the news edge is back here at home in maryland.
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a desperate search for a mother and her teenage daughter continues. the time is working against the rescuers, their second day on the water. the potomac river swept the mother and daughter away during a family trip to great falls. sherri ly is live in potomac with the latest on search. >> reporter: rescue crews planned to be back here this evening searching and they had to call that off because of severe weather in the area. they will resume the search at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow if not earlier this is pictures we v. the girl nearly made it to the other side of the river to safety and got swept back in. >> family members came to the same place they last sought mother and daughter, hoping rescuers would find them and they have not. the relatives say they were waiting in the water along the shoreline when the 35-year-old mother slipped on the rocks.
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san juan escalante managed to grab his wife and daughter but relatives say the river was too strong. >> the current came and started to sweep them away and my uncle went in to help them and was holding him. he could not hang on anymore and they began to appear towards the middle of the water. >> reporter: rescue boats and helicopters searched up and down for hours, covering 2 1/2 miles from the area of difficult run where they disappeared. the water drops off dramatically near the shore and the family originally from peru, said they didn't notice signs along the river warning to stay off the rocks on the river's edge and to not swim or wade in the potomac. >> we're about saving lives and when this happens -- . >> someone could be caught in the debris underneath the water and have no way to get out.
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>> reporter: technically, this still remains a search-and- rescue operation. the more time passes, the more likely this is to be a search- and-rescue and-recovery. the deaths of three young men have firefighters taking more action tonight, passing out carbon monoxide detectors over the weekend and levels were nearly 10 times the limit. firefighters say there was no electricity in the home but the men were of using a gas-powered generator. the news edge on d.c. with another twist in the obstruction trial of three d.c. men. joseph price, dillan word and e covering up the murder of robert watch in 2006. today, prosecutors introduced a new theory, on who may have killed him and why the three men are allegedly covering it up. paul wagner is leave outside of the courthouse with more.
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the prosecution has a good day. they want to float the theory that michael price, joe price's brother s guilty of the murder. they said that joe price is covering up for the brother. that since they're in a family, a committed relationship, they have conspired to tamper with evidence, obstruct justice and cover for the real killer, the person who killed robert juan. michael price is not facing charges in connection with the murder of robert watch. prosecutors are being allowed to argue he could have been the killer. the judge said that she will allow the argument on the ground that joe price never told police the brother had a key to the house on swan street. michael price was taking courses and how to draw blood o. night of the murder, failed to attend class. until then, the teacher testified he had a perfect record of attendance and robert juan has a number of unexplained needle marks on the
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body. it's entirely circumstantial, since michael price's partner at the time gave police an alibi, telling the detectives that michael was with him the night of august 2nd, 2006. late this afternoon, prosecutors called sarah morgan to the witness stand and at the time of the murder, she lived in the basment of the swan street house and morgan told the court she knew the three well enough to know they had a committed three-way relationship. as she put it, poll a.m. rouse. prosecutors believe that the three men on trial are a family and that have agreed to protect the killer. we want to reiterate again that michael price has been charged with no crime and we want to point out we saw a fracture in the defense. up until now, the defense has been working as well. -- one. today, bernie grim, who represents joe price, said he didn't want the government to be able to float that there where he as tom connelly and the other lawyer, said they
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would alike -- like the prosecution, the government to float the theory. why they're split on that is unclear. that is the first time we have seen a fracture. >> paul wagner, live in northwest. he's blogging updates throughout the trial on click on news to follow the developments from right inside the courtroom. and a music legend lands in washington. the big honor for former beatles sir paul mccartney and this has been handed out twice before. a veteran accidentally crashes his car into a crowd of people. 
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doesn't mean it is clean. but with one sheet of new bounty, you'll have confidence in your clean. in this lab test, just one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface three times cleaner than t bargain brand. want confidence that ys can get reallyle? even with just one set. brinit. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. new bounty. the clean pick upper. and for huge value? try new huge roll. >> sir paul mccartney, one of the most recognized men in pop culture and now, the library of congress is recognizing him, too, giving sir paul the fresh win prize for popular song. a look now at the announcement
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sorry meany that just wrapped up on inside the library. we have been streaming it. tomorrow, president obama will presenter is paul with the award at the tribute concert at the white house. mccartney will play and not just the old stuff. he's released a new classical album and will play from that and this is only the third time the fresh win has been given out. paul simon won the first one and sievey wonder the second. more tomorrow is storms are on the way. karen gray houston is saddling up to the bar. you want to wash the soccer games live from the d.c. bar? there is a heaven. first, a big honor for homer simpson. entertainment weekly named the donut-loving, dem-witted dad the greatest character created for television and film the past 20 years. homer beat harry potter and buffy the vampire slayer to take the top spot. no word on ron burgundy.  [ beeping
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>> the u.s. stocker team arrived in south africa, amid tight security. there are reports of terrorist threats for the games but south african officials say there is nothing credible on the radar. fans will outnumber the other nation's fans in the stands and opening match is june 12th against england. the district is trying to catch world cup mania. the d.c. council approved today emergency legislation allowing bars to open early in the morning so customers can watch the action live and fox 5s karen gray houston has more for us from dupont circle. >> reporter: d.c. bars can open as early as 7:00 a.m. and there is a caveat that can show the world cup soccer games on tv. they just can't sell any alcohol. >> why what is the point of me
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opening a bar at 7:00 in the morning to show a soccer game? >> reporter: at circa at dupont, managers have not made a final decision of whether they will open early. for the d.c. council passing the emergency legislation, it was a no-brainer. >> sometimes residents don't have access to the premium cable channels broadcasting the games. >> reporter: they allow alcohol to start being served at 10:00 a.m. on saturdays and sundays. the council acknowledge ising the -- acknowledging the d.c. fans go crazy over world cup. and soccer fans, especially these guys from average type a think early open bars are a great idea. >> why not and if we have an early match before work, why not. >> even if they can't buy a beer? >> they will still come if the u.s. is playing. they will come.
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>> other soccer fanatics are working on ways to share the world cup excitement. these two friends orchestrated the snowmageddon and plan to set up two jumbo tv screens in the circle for people to watch the start of the soccer matches. >> we have england versus usa on saturday june 12th, argentina against nigeria and south korea against greece and there is something in there for everyone. >> we have a facebook page and website. the page is about 1600 members now and we use that to mobilize our group. >> we have -- to the big jumbo screen. if they can pull that off at the favorite local bar or at home on your own tv. in the district, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> going into work today, and the storms hit in 66, 95 north
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and there are accidents everywhere. >> yeah. >> this is a storm. north and west didn't get hit as hard as the district and the metro area and to that east. y that gone, though, and i have to say our motto yesterday did a good job of showing that swinging through before the evening rush hour and i think it caught a lot of the people in the day offguard. >> people can't drive in the rain. >> no. >> doesn't matter how much notice they have. >> and look at the video. if you missed out on the heavy rain, this is what that looked like. and you can see the type of storms that are suddenly. and i think tonight we're in good shape and there is some up in pennsylvania. most everything we saw earlier
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is already just about clear of the bay and we're going to watch them approach ocean city. and we hope they're south of you, all of this will swing on through and that should be quick. there is not much left in the immediate metro area. over to max hd satellite and radar, though, you will be able to see that we're not only do we have the line coming through that got going right, almost within the beltway and to our north, watching the frontal system and that is going have with it the last remnants of the showers and storms and doesn't look like it's holding together that well and an isolated chance of seeing that and then a little bit of drier air. we're done with the storm and severe thunderstorm activity. keeping an isolated chance north and west and if you got rain, you may see areas of fog later tonight. i don't think that it's widespread. get ready for wednesday. that looks like it will be hot for the most part and should be storm free, although we can't
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rule out an isolated storm late in the day on wednesday and thursday, more storms. the air equality is going to be deteriorating a bit. tomorrow is a code orange air quality day and that means it's unsafe for sensitive groups. the kids have to limit the outdoor activity as l. 87 degrees the high temperature; dulles, 85; bwi up to 88 degrees and that is still toasty out there at this hour. temperatures got knocked down a bit and then they started to come back up again and temperatures will respond. overnight, 70 degrees and partly cloudy and mild, fog later tonight and tomorrow, with the sunny hot one again and that will feel like summer. isolated late storm is possible. a better chance on thursday. 9 in the morning, sunny and 73 by noon. 85 degrees and by 5:00, it's a hot one at 88 and tomorrow, the
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high pressure, a bermuda high and that continues to pump the heat and humidity and maybe a bigger round of showers and storms and there will be heavy rain with them as l. this is the five-day forecast and headed to 88 degrees. hit memorial day and the summer is here. thursday, 88 degrees. a better chance of storms. friday, a few storms around and to be honest, we have to keep them in the forecast. they could pop up any time and we think a real good chance of thatso on thursday afternoon. >> muggy is right. >> that is. >> golf ball and just sweating. >> there is so much moisture available and dupont is close to what we would see in july and august. >> okay. >> thank you, sue. and did you see it? a horrific accident at a memorial day parade near cincinnati. all caught on tape. police say a world war ii vet drove his car into this staging
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area. the ambulances took the injured away and the 84-year-old was also hurt. no word have on why he drove into the crowd. despite the accident, the faraid went on. and dave ross on deck with the sports edge and another day, another terp. works out with the wizards. and first -- . >> simon's gone, who is going to replace him on "american idol"? rocker and reality show veteran brett michaels said he would be honored to do it. simon even suggest it and there has been no formal job offer so far. michaels is recovering from a brain himerage and mini stroke. it's still idol chatter as of now.
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>> hello, everyone. dave ross with you and steven strassberg will be with you here in d.c. the countdown continues one week from today. he will g league start at nats park. before that june 8th debut, he will make his final triple-
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appearance on tuesday. if you are in upstate new york, catch him while you can. he's been unhittable and recording 33 strikeouts with a 1.27 e.r.a. and that is really good. speaking of good, a milestone yesterday in the bronx, this is alex on rodriguez with the bases loaded and my best and this is gone. his 20th career grand slam, third all-time in the history of baseball and yanks host the os tonight. the wizards are hoping a number one draft a selection will change their portions and hope to make the pick on june 24th and john wall will look good in the wizards blue and white. another six nba hopefuls worked out for the wizards today, including ryan whitman who had cornel for the sweet 16 and the dad is the wizards assistant coach. yesterday was the -- vasquez and today, terp eric hayes, the long-range shooter knows the stakes are higher with college
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ball in the rearview mirror. >> and in college, there are guys not so good. you have to be ready for each one. that is -- [ indiscernible ] the basketball to be able to get a chance to -- and that is what this is about. go out there and compete and hit hard. >> one quarter finals at the french open and the rematch. against rodger federer. he had never been fed in 12 career appearances and oh, my goodness, today was different and he wants the first and the great shot to win the next two and move ahead to matchpoint and serving and upsets him in four sets, the first time in 24 straight grand slams that federer will not be in a semi final and that is incredible. the reason why i'm here is because our own dave feldman is at the mellwood-prince georges
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pro-am. gary williams and the former maryland governor was there and caps head coach will join us on the news edge at 11. and there is a thing in golf called pencil whipping. i'll be curious to find out if there was an eraser on the pencil when he kept the score today. we'll find out. >> i think he will keep him honest. >> you think so? >> reporter: would think so. takes the golf serious. >> and he does. feldy catting for gary williams. >> right. >> and see what happens this year. >> he'll hold him on. no gimme.  eping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride
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